Fall Out Boy read the weeks news: The Westboro Baptist Church, the missing plane – Gigwise Feature


News flash! Fall Out Boy were in town this week, doing what they do best at Wembley Arena. But there’s more to the band than pop-punk anthemics and selling out shows – they’ve also got their finger on the pulse of current affairs. That’s why we asked Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump to become anchormen for the day.

We asked them to deliver a round up of the week’s biggest music news story, sinking their teeth into the likes of Lorde taking on the Westboro Baptist Church, Chris Martin becoming a mentor on The Voice, Miley Cyrus’ tour bus bursting into flames, a Nirvana fan trying to turn Kurt Cobain’s home into a museum and Courtney Love’s admirable attempts to locate the missing Malaysian plane, MH370.

You stay classy, Fall Out Boy.




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