Nick Jonas in HOW TO SUCCEED on Broadway’s “Brotherhood of Man”


Watch Nick Jonas and company perform a montage of songs from HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS WITHOUT REALLY TRYING on Broadway!

Now, in its second smash year, Broadway’s musical comedy hit welcomes a bright new star—music sensation and Broadway alum, NICK JONAS (Les Misrables, Beauty and the Beast, Annie Get Your Gun)! You’ll delight to his riotous rise up the corporate ladder as he struggles to juggle the promotion, the corner office and—of course—the girl.

Joining him are Emmy Award® winner BEAU BRIDGES, (Brothers and Sisters, The Fabulous Baker Boys), MICHAEL URIE (Ugly Betty), TAMMY BLANCHARD (Life with Judy Garland) and ROSE HEMINGWAY in this charming production that The New Yorker calls “a first-rate, high-stepping musical! This show is luminous!”



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